Rain of Dhamma Showered on the Poson Poya Day

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The Poson Fullmoon Poya day religious programme of Anuradhapura Mahaviharaya was held whole day on 19th June with much festivity under the shade of the sacred Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi. Arahant Mahinda Maha Thero who arrived in Sri Lanka on the Poson Fullmoon Poyaday occurred 2,252 years ago, introduced the Buddha Dhamma officially to Sri Lanka. It was a special feature that, the religious programme of Anuradhapura Mahaviharaya was conducted commemorating this historical event.

Ven. Kudaelagamuwe Gnanasiri Thero of the Bomaluwa Temple inaugurated the religious programme at 6.00am placing the devotees on the eight precepts. The morning Buddha Pooja at 6.30am also was conducted by the venerable Thero. The devotees were given the interval for morning Dana at 7.00am.

The first Dhamma Talk of the day at 8.00am was delivered by Prof. Ven. Medagampitiye Wijithadhamma Thero of the Sri Jayawardhanapura University. The topic was "Balapanditha Sutraya". It is one of the earliest Sutras preached by Arahant Mahinda Maha Thero after arriving at the royal palace of Anuradhapura. It provided a proper analysis of merits and demerits. Especially, this Dhamma Talk could awaken the minds of the hundreds of thousands of devotees arrived at the Mahaviharaya on the Poson Poyaday. Dr. K.M.I.Swarnasinghe delivered the Layman's Discourse at 9.15am on the subject of "Thripitaka and the Anuradhapura Mahaviharaya". This speech elaborated with examples on the presentation of Lord Buddha's Dhamma as the Thripitaka, establishment of Anuradhapura Mahaviharaya and how this Dhamma was preserved for the world due to this. It was properly explained that, the pure Theravada Buddhism could have been lost to the world if not for Anuradhapura Mahaviharaya. It was a very important piece of information that devotees were not aware of. Ven. Moragolle Sirirathana Thero conducted the mid-day Buddha Pooja at 10.30am. The devotees were given the interval for mid-day Dana at 11.00am.

The Jathaka Story Dhamma Talk at 12.00 noon was delivered by Bhanaka Rajakeeya Panditha Ven. Ankumbure Rewatha Thero. The Jathaka Story Dhamma Talk depicting the Paramitha virtues fulfilled by Bodhisathva during the travel in Samsara in order to achieve enlightenment was a valuable guidance to the devotees to query their own lives over and over again and reach the path of merit. The second Dhamma Talk at 1.00pm was delivered by Ven. Dr. Diwulpelesse Wimalananda Thero, Senior Lecturer of Sri Lanka Bhikshu University. The topic was "Na Aththahethu Na Parassahethu" Gatha in the Panditha Wagga of the Dhammapada. This Dhamma Talk explained how the wise person becomes a virtuous person. At 2.15pm, the devotees were given the interval for Gilanpasa. 

The 'Damsaba Mandapaya' was held as usual at 2.45pm. The topic of discussion was "Petha Waththu and Wimanawaththu". This is also one of the earliest Dhamma Talks delivered by Arahant Mahinda Maha Thero. Here, it was discussed how the next lives were formed for the people who did good and bad deeds. The scholars Rajakeeya Panditha Ven. Walawahengunawewe Mahindarathana (MA) Thero, Rajakeeya Panditha Ven. Kirama Wimalawansha (MPhil) Thero and Mr. Waduge Karunaratne (MA) participated in this. The Meditation Programme was conducted by Panditha Ven. Ipalawa Pemananda Thero at 4.00pm. Bodhi Pooja, the last programme of the day at 5.00pm was conducted as usual by Ven. Kehelwala Rewatha (BA) Thero. After fulfilling the virtues at 5.55pm, the religious programme concluded at 6.00pm.

This Poson Fullmoon Poya Day religious programme of Anuradhapura Mahaviharaya was broadcasted to the world through the Siyatha TV, Siyatha FM and the Rajarata service of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. 

Under the advice and guidance of Most Ven. Dr. Pallegama Siriniwasa Atamasthanadhipathi Nayaka Thero, the special Poson Fullmoon Poya Day religious programme was coordinated by Ven. Kirinde Gnanadarshana Thero of the Bomaluwa Temple.