Minds become calm with meditation

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The Esala Month's  meditation programme of the monthly Meditation Programme series of Anuradhapura Mahaviharaya was held very successfully whole day on the Sunday, July 3rd. Conducted by veteran teacher of meditation Ven. Ranpathwila Wimalarathana (MA) Nayaka Thero, this programme was participated b a large number of devotees.

The meditation programme was conducted with proper guidance, starting from what is meditation and how to practice it methodically, while explaining the related practical aspects of Dhamma. The individual was guided step by step towards meditation through this. Many devotees commended that, they experienced a great calmness and a relief in their day to day lives. It was a specialty here that the devotees had the opportunity to discuss their problems arising with meditation with the teacher and clarify them to improve their practice.

Started at 6.00am placing the devotees on the eight precepts, the meditation programme was ended at 6.00pm with the conclusion of precepts. Conducted under the advice and guidance of Most Ven. Dr. Pallegama Siriniwasa Atamasthanadhipathi Nayaka Thero, this meditation programme was coordinated by Ven. Kirinde Gnanadarshana Thero of the Bomaluwa Temple.