Completed Projects

Erecting of the 2nd Golden Railing for the Anuradhapura Jaya Sri Mah Bodhi.

The protection of the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi has been further ensured with this while the serene beauty of the Bodhi premises has been enhanced.

Building a new parapet wall around the Thunvani Maluwa, the 3rd compound of the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi.

This wall which had been weakened due to ageing, collapsed during a heavy rain in December 2004. A stronger, new wall has been built in place of this, while widening the Thunvani Maluwa for the benefit of the devotees. The new wall has been built following the traditional Buddhist arts and crafts.

Erecting the new 'Ran Wiyana', the Golden Canopy of the main shrine room

This Golden Canopy has been erected in place of the old dilapidated ceiling of the main shrine room. This Golden Canopy has made the shrine room stronger, while enhancing its splendour.

Erecting the new parapet wall and the gates of the Vihara Maluwa.

The old parapet wall around the Vihara Maluwa has been weak and inadequate for the safety and the beauty of the Bodhi premises. Therefore, that old wall was removed and a new wall was built there following the ancient traditional Buddhist arts. Three beautiful new gates were also erected for this.

Covering the supporting pillars of the Bodhi with Gold Sheets.

As the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi was bent towards the ground, the stem had been supported with steel pillars to prevent it from damaging during high winds. These supporting pillars which were not matching with the view of the Bodhi Premises were covered with beautifully carved gold sheets to enhance the beauty of the Bodhi premises.

Building of the new 'Sath Sathi' houses.

The old Sath Sathi houses depicting the first seven weeks the Gauthama Buddha spent after his enlightenment were improperly built in the Weli Maluwa blocking its space. These were removed and new Sath Sathi houses were built more systematically and matching with the beauty of the Bodhi premises, allowing more space for the devotees in the Weli Maluwa.

Building a new Perahera Mawatha around the Bodhi Premises

About one kilometre long new Perahera Mawatha was built around the Bodhi premises enabling the devotees to walk around without any difficulty.

Building a new Dharma Shala

Thousands of pilgrims arrive to see and worship the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi every day. A Dharma Shala, a preaching hall, which could accommodate 10,000 people was built for the benefit of these devotees.